Oh hello friend...

I am so grateful that you would consider sponsoring my website. I have a passion for people who choose to take risks, live outside their comfort zone, and follow their dreams. My hope for this sponsorship is that it will be a two way blessing for both of us. If you are a business or someone who just feels led to give, I see this as an opportunity to take a leap of faith and expand our reach as a team.

On another note, I would like you to know that all of the money donated or given through sponsored ads on this website will be funneled into a savings fund I am setting aside for my future mission trips.

Ever since I was a little girl, I felt called to go into the unreached places of the world to be face to face with those in need of healing and the hope of Jesus. I plan on continuing to visit various locations across the world in partnership with several nonprofit organizations and also independently. In order to do so, I must raise the necessary financing.

I would be so humbled if you would choose to come alongside me to give to back to a world that needs to experience love in action.

Blogs, businesses, etsy shops, ministries, etc. are all welcomed here!

Ads are priced at $15 a month, or $35 for three months!

I am looking forward to seeing the world positively impacted through this sponsorship. Please email me at darcyshirley10@gmail.com for more info!

Let's begin!

Click here to donate directly to my mission trip fund:

Photo taken on my trip to Chile

Have a blessed day,

Always love,



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