22. INFP. Encourager. Believer. Writer. Storyteller. Singer. Worship Leader. Painter. Designer. Sister. Daughter. Traveler. Dreamer. Mediator. Photographer. Gluten-Free Eater. Observer. Feeler. Listener. Empathizer. Researcher. Deep Thinker. Reader. Sarcasm User...? Coffee Drinker.

I am all of these things, but what does that really tell you about me?

These are all titles and positions I hold.

They are my talents and passions.

They are a few of my favorite things.

Yes, reading that list may have helped you get to know me a bit better.

The problem is, I left out the whole point of my life from it. 

I left out Jesus.

Without Jesus, I am nothing.

Without Him, all of my gifts and talents are just a waste of time.

It is good to have positions and titles.

It is also good to do what we love to do.

In all honesty, though, they shouldn't define us.

If we put our identity in who the world labels us as, then we've missed the point of life.

It isn't about what we are capable of doing.

It is about what God is capable of doing through us, because of His Son Jesus. 

Personally, I identify myself in Jesus Christ.

My identity isn't in the things of this world.

I truly find who I am in Him.

The goal for this blog is to help everyone who reads it to do the same.

Each post I write is purposely pointing toward Jesus.

I do this because I want this to be a place where we can all find Him.

People can search their whole lives and never feel like they've found themselves. 


Because life isn't about finding ourselves.

It is about letting Jesus find us.

It is about identifying ourselves in Him.

When you stop by and read here, I want you to feel free to let go of the opinions of what people may think of you.

Let go of the expectations that have been placed on you to portray a certain image.

Come here, and let Christ find you.

Come and remember who you are,

Because you aren't a title or position.

In fact, even if you lost everything and hit rock bottom, it wouldn't change your identity.

Even if you became the wealthiest person on earth, it still wouldn't change who you really are.

You are a child of God.

You were created in the image of the Creator of the universe.

You are not identified by worldly expectations.

You are enough.

You are not too much. 

You are found in Christ alone.

So this is basically all you really need to know about me.

I am identified in Jesus.

Always love,



  1. have you heard of this amazing new thing called a paragraph?

    1. Yes I have, but this is the style I use for my blog. Thanks for your feedback!


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