I haven't written in a long time.

By that, I mean I haven't truly written from my heart in quite a while.

Yeah, I've written scripts, captions and blogs for work but I'm not entirely sure if I was genuinely writing out of pure passion or out of mere obligation.

Because for me, writing is more of a feeling in itself.

It's an expression of the soul.

It isn't just a job, a task, or another checkmark on my to-do list.

I guess that's the real reason why I haven't written.

I kept telling myself it was okay.

This is my blog and I can write whenever I feel inspired, right?

I formulated several drafts but I never posted any of them over the past few months.

I've conjured up various ideas and I've expanded on many thoughts.

Still, nothing.

It didn't feel right.

It felt more like a lingering task and I didn't really understand why.

Why wasn't I inspired to write anymore?

Why wasn't I motivated to share what was on my heart?

Why couldn't the words come from my soul, rather than my mind?

I felt so guilty anytime I thought about it, so I just put it off.

Months went by.

Still, nothing.

This morning I woke up and allowed my mind to process it for the first time in a long time.

Not only did I let my mind ponder the reason, but I also gave my heart permission to ask questions.

I'm a writer, so why haven't I written in so long?

I mean, why haven't I truly written, simply for the joy it brings me?

Well, maybe because I'm already happy.

My life is the best it's ever been.

I have amazing friends, and I'm surrounded with people who love me, just as I am.

I'm working at my dream job and I've spent the past six months falling in love.

I'm so happy.

Then, what's the problem?

Suddenly, it hit me.

Maybe my happiness is the reason I stopped writing.

Maybe I've been living my best life and forgetting how it felt before, when things weren't going so well.

That doesn't mean I haven't been thankful.

It doesn't mean I haven't looked back to remember where I came from.

I know I'm so blessed but maybe I just forgot.

Maybe I forgot how it felt to channel all of my emotions into my writing because I was only experiencing positive feelings.

Maybe the inspiration I was waiting for didn't come because of that reason.

Could it be that inspiration has to be sought out?

What if it doesn't just arrive on a whim, like I was anticipating?

I've noticed it's easier to express my feelings naturally through writing when I'm going through something hard or experiencing pain.

So then what do I do when life is good?

What happens when my emotions are positive and I'm not searching to escape through my writing?

Well, as of today, I know what I need to do.

I need to write anyway.

I need to remember the feelings from before and channel them again.

Just because I'm in a good place, doesn't mean I can't feel.

A life without feeling deeply, isn't much of a life at all, in my opinion.

Maybe it's even more dangerous to be so happy, that we become desensitized to pain.

In a hurting world, we must not forget to empathize, even if we aren't going through anything necessarily difficult at the time.

We can still remember how we felt before and we can put ourselves in the place of others.

Inspiration is a feeling.

All we need to do, is dig a little deeper and find it.

Sure, we can look at a photo of a beautiful landscape or a laughing, happy family on social media and think to ourselves, "if only I work hard enough, then I'll make it there someday", but is that true inspiration?

If what we love to do in life becomes merely work to accomplish, then have we lost the spark?

If our relationships become tasks we have to work toward, and we forget the feelings we had at first, when we were inspired every time we learned something new about the other person, have we lost the love?

This morning I realized, I'd much rather feel something deep and meaningful, then live a shallow, "happy" life.

There is always something to be felt and forgetting to feel those emotions would be a shame.

When I understood that, I sat down and started to write this.

I channeled my feelings into these words and I finally became inspired again.

I proved to myself that inspiration can be found, if only I allow myself to feel deeper than the surface.

It's okay to be happy and joyful but it's also important to remember to be a light to those who need it.

It's selfish for me to go on living, without using my voice to encourage and relate with others.

We all go through seasons in life.

Some are better than others.

There will be low and high points throughout every journey, but now I see how inspiration can remain consistent through it all.

We must remember to feel and never become desensitized to it.

All of our emotions can be used to create a positive impact on the world, if we learn to channel them.

I believe if we put this into practice, we will be unstoppable and our lives will be filled with creative freedom.

Even happiness can hold us back, if we forget to seek out inspiration.

Now I know why I stopped writing.

I forgot how it felt, but today I'm inspired once again.

Not because inspiration came to me, but because I allowed my heart to seek it out.

So no matter what season we find ourselves in, we can always be inspired and stay inspired.

It's a feeling that comes from the soul, not from some far-off place we wish for.

Inspiration is from within, we just have to dig deeper to find it and feel it again.

Always love,



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