I wasn't planning on writing this blog.

Usually I have a rough idea of what I am going to write about before I begin.

This time, I'm just making it up on the spot because it's coming straight from a passionate build up of self realization I've had over the past month.

Now, I know I told everyone that I was going to blog about my travels and write a book review on my most recent read.

Yes, I had an amazing time on my trips to Chile and Peru.

Yes, the book I read was incredible.

And yes, I do still plan on writing about those eye opening experiences in my life.

But you know what I've found on my path to self discovery?

I've found that I am not very motivated to be a "blogger".


Yes. Yes it's true.

Why? You ask.

Well to be honest, "bloggers" write about traveling, DIY, fashion and little tips and tricks to improve quality of life through crafts and cooking.

And that, my dear friend... that's just not me.

Don't get me wrong, I love reading those blogs and that's why I started blogging in the first place.

In fact, I am very involved in all of those areas.

I just don't particularly like writing about them.

Trust me, I've tried to copy those perfect bloggers and I've planned so many beautiful posts.

Key word: Planned

Thing is, you don't see those blogs anywhere on here do you?


That's because I can't be somebody that I'm not.

I am an emotional human, and I must express it somehow or I feel trapped in a fake mold.

My feelings are written all over my face and even though you can't technically see my face, I think you can still clearly "read" my emotions.

Eventually I envision this blog being jammed packed with my world travels, photography, music, business, and all of the things that I love to do in life.

I want that, I really do.

Unfortunately, I can't guarantee if it will be written in the traditional blog form or not, so no promises.

Every time I try to write a practical post, I end up spilling my feelings all over it, like a hot cup of coffee on a new white shirt.

That's just the kind of writer I am.

I am not a typical blogger.

Rather, I am in the field of what I like to call "Emotional Relations"

...I totally just made that up

...or maybe it's a real thing, I have no idea.

Anyway, yes that's me. I like to relate with people on an emotional level.

Of course I want my writing to help people.

But not in the practical "DIY" type of way.

I want you to read my posts and be like "YES, me too, I feel that way all the time".

Not "YES, I can't wait to cook that recipe tonight".

Ya feel me?

So yeah, I am not going to quit blogging.

I'm just going to quit trying to be a blogger.

Because if I try to be something I don't enjoy, then it won't really get anywhere, as you can see from my lack of writing motivation recently.

I think this lesson applies to everything in life.

Actually, it could be the one thing that you can take away from this strange little post of mine.

That is, "Don't try to change your style to match everyone else, just be you."

It sounds a bit cliche but it is so true.

God made each of us with unique talents and gifts.

We can't add or take away from how He made us.

We can improve, yes.

We can learn new things, but ultimately we are who we are.

The best part is that we were made exactly how He wanted us to be, so just because we may lack in one area, doesn't mean we can't approach it in our own different way and be great at it.

We need to embrace our strengths and accept that we can't be anyone else.

For example, I have come to accept that I can't be a perfect blogger, like the ones I admire when scrolling through my Insta feed.

But I can be the perfect me, the way that no one else can.

And hopefully I can use my style to relate with you on a deeper, personal level because that's what I am truly passionate about.


I quit being a blogger.

You can't fire me for completely procrastinating on all of the posts that I planned to write for the past month!

No, because I quit! So hah!

And guess what?

I already have a new job.

In.. Emotional Relations.

Sounds very professional, I know.

Thank you, thank you very much.

But for real, I love you guys.

Thanks for letting me be me and share my heart with you.

I hope I can help you feel understood and let you be you too.

I can't wait to write more but for now, I won't plan anything.

I'll just prepare myself for spontaneous moments of emotional overflow.

See ya next time.

But just make sure you don't wear a white shirt because before you know it, you'll end up spilling your own feelings all over it too.

That was really cheesy.

With that being said, I think I'll just stop here.

Ok bye!

Always Love,



  1. Yaaas! Be you girl, it's the most beautiful thing you can be! ������

  2. I, for one, prefer your type of blogging any day! Thanks for being so transparent. I love your heart!


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