Where do I begin.

The past few days have been hard.

They have been full of tragedy and suffering.

First, our hearts broke for the loss of Christina Grimmie.

I cried so much that day as I wrote about her beautiful soul.

Just her death alone reminded me of all the evil in the world.

I wrote about terrorism.

I said not to fear.

Little did I know that I would wake up the next morning to more horrific news.

The world shook with the news of the Orlando mass shooting.

Orlando, the city I've called home.

The city I worked in.

The city I attended school in.

The city I love.


The weight of my pain became heavier.

I took on the grief.

I mourned with those who mourned.

I went to a church service in Orlando last night and prayed collectively.

I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders.

This morning I woke up still feeling a heaviness.

I didn't want to eat breakfast.

I couldn't focus on the tasks of the day.

Then, I got into my car and when I turned it on I heard this:

When fear feels bigger than my faith
And struggles steals my breath away
When my back pressed up against the wall
With the weight of my worries stacked up tall
You're strong enough to hold it all

I will cast my cares on you
You're the anchor of my hope
The only one who's in control
I will cast my cares on you
I'll trade the troubles of this world
For your peace inside my soul

This war's not what I would have chosen
But you see the future no one knows yet
And you're still good when I can't 
See the working of your hands
You're holding it all

I'm finding there's freedom,
When I lay it all on your shoulders

-Cast My Cares by Finding Favour 

So this post goes out to all of us feeling burdened today.

Those of us whose hearts are aching continually.

When we turn on the news,

When we go on social media,

When we read the articles,

We can cast our cares on The Lord.

He is strong enough to hold it when we feel weak.

There can still be joy in midst of suffering.

None of us can change what happened but we can get stronger because of it.

We can still smile.

We can be grateful for love and community.

We can trust God's plan and have faith that He is good.

Let's give Him our fears, our sadness, and our worries.

He can carry that weight.

His shoulders are much stronger than ours.

Let's let go and say "It is well with my soul".

That is where our freedom is found.

"Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." (1 Peter 5:7 NIV)


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