Do you ever wonder what people will remember you by?

Sometimes I daydream about the legacy I will leave. I wonder what I would be remembered by if I died tomorrow versus if I was a hundred years old.

What do I want my life to look like? What do I want to accomplish? Who do I want to be known as? Or will I even be remembered at all?

Well the other day these thoughts came to me after a funny incident occurred.

As the story goes, my mom was walking on the beach and began talking to a woman. They started to share about their lives and become acquainted with one another. My mom spoke of me, then about ten minutes later the woman said, "...wait a second..Darcy..that's familiar...I think I remember her from church camp...she was the one who did 'The Worm' dance!!" My mom replied, "Yes, yes that was my Darcy alright!" 

When my mom told me this story, I just laughed because a complete stranger remembered me as the girl who did The Worm...I wonder how many other people remember me for that! I must have really left a lasting impression. 

Then I realized something.

I realized that I wouldn't have been remembered if I didn't do something so crazy. I would have just been another eleven year old at church camp. 

I realized that it took guts to be a kid that danced in front of everyone with no shame. I was proud of my "Worm" abilities and I wasn't scared to show it! It was actually very brave, especially for a naturally conservative introvert like myself. 

So now that I'm older, how can I translate that bravery to my daily life? I know it's still in me, I just need the courage to show it.

We can all have that bravery actually. 

In fact, we can do far more with God's help.

In the Bible, God makes it clear that He is totally wild. He does some really crazy things. He speaks through a donkey, He causes a bush to set on fire without burning, He makes a big fish swallow a man in order to get his attention, He sends plagues of frogs/locusts, He sends demons into a herd of pigs, and He uses the most unlikely, strange people to be the characters throughout. 

And guess what? Those are the stories we remember most. Those are the people we still talk about to this day.

I see how God did that.

Point is, we humans have trouble remembering things unless they are unordinary. God knows that. So I'd say God is pretty weird. He's pretty crazy and doesn't care what anybody thinks about it. He just wants to be remembered and glorified.

Basically, we just need to face every day asking ourselves what we could do to stand out for God's kingdom, to make a lasting impact. It could be stepping out and looking like the "weird" one who stands up for your beliefs in your college class. It could be just having a contagious joy and smile that people can't forget. It could be taking a risk to go to a dangerous place to spread the gospel. It could be chasing your dreams when they go against the status quo. Whatever it is, make sure you stand out and have the courage to be original.

Moreover, when I look back on my life I can also pinpoint the people who showed me acts of kindness.

I remember when I was stranded at a gas station an hour and a half away from home, late at night, without my wallet and no way to pay for gas, when a woman overheard my conversation on the phone and handed me $20 to make it back.

I remember last week when my boyfriend bought flowers without me noticing and surprised me when we got back in the car, for no reason at all.

I remember just yesterday when I ran into an old friend in line getting coffee and while my back was turned, she paid for my drink. I insisted that she didn't need to do that but she just wanted to bless me. And you know the best part? She was wearing a shirt that said driew (weird spelled backwards). I was inspired. That's what I'm talking about!! Here's a girl who is proud to be weird, taking a risk by giving away her money, and being kind, all at once! (shoutout to Katie)

Hence, I developed my new catch phrase: Stay weird. Take risks. Be kind.

I have concluded that doing those three things will leave a lasting mark.

Most of all, we need our legacy to be for God's glory and we must remember to always give Him the credit. This is His story and He wants us to play a significant role. He wants us to be remembered, not for ourselves, but so that people will look back and say "that person devoted their life completely to Christ, without hesitation". I don't know about you, but that's how I want to be remembered.

So here is a breakdown of my 3 ways to leave an impression on the world:

Stay weird- Stand up and stand out without worrying about what people think. Laugh often, be the person with contagious joy, and feel free to dance ;)

Take risks- Chase after your calling, despite the opinions of others. If you seem crazy, that's probably a good thing because God has a way of using crazy situations to do big things.

Be kind- Leave a legacy of Jesus' love through everyday acts of kindness. Change the world by intentionally caring for people.

Now, that is worth remembering. 

People thought Jesus was crazy. People thought Mother Teresa was crazy. Both took risks because of their love for people. Jesus, even to the point of death on the cross. We can all carry the love of Jesus and that is what will never be forgotten. 

"I am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God who is sending a love letter to the world." 
- Mother Teresa

Always love, 



  1. To be honest, I never thought about leaving a legacy before. But this is so motivating -- and I love how your tips are things we all can and should do.

    Emma | www.creativexplorations.com

  2. I am just thanking God I had to find you through Christina death,God has his ways of speaking to us. You are one of those He has chosen to use. Thanks for this great peace of missives. You change my perception about life today. With Love from Douala-Cameroon-Africa. Thank you Darcy. God bless you endlessly.


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