God is wild, yet completely in control
God is free to do what he wants, yet always has a plan
God is able to answer our prayers, yet nothing we ask for can control Him
God is bigger than everything, yet more intimate with us than anyone
God is full of glory, yet humbled himself to become human 
God is timeless, yet has a time for everything
God is self sufficient, yet created us out of love
God is all knowing, yet allows us the chance to discover
God is gracious, yet equally just
God is forgiving, yet gives us the choice to accept it or not 
God is the main character, yet includes us in His story

It's not about us. It's not about our happiness. It's not about our eternity. It's not about our comfort. It's not about our life. It's about His glory, His worship, His praise, and His plan. It's about Him. 

This isn't intended to make anyone feel worthless by any means but the truth is that God doesn't need us. The good part though, is that He WANTS us. He loves us and that's why He made us. Not so that we could have the perfect life on Earth but so that we could choose to love Him in return. The point is that if we make it about Him, we will find the meaning of our existence. Our lives belong to our Creator, so let's let Him have them. Lets fulfill our purpose, and let His Spirit guide us. 

5 questions to ask ourselves:

Am I serving God or expecting God to serve me?

Am I praying to try to control the outcome of my circumstance, or praying for God to take control, despite my opinion?  

Am I seeing God as big and wild, or small and contained to my own view of Him?

Am I seeking God out of my desperate need for Him or just out of obligation? 

Am I trusting God's timing or trying to convince Him that my agenda is the right one?

Always love,



  1. This was so good. And an important truth to remember--God doesn't need us--He wants us and chooses to work in and through us!


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