Today I went down to the river to sit and enjoy the sunshine before work. I found a bench, sat down, and had a talk with God. 

I heard a noise and looked up to see a manatee coming up for air right beside me. 

I looked farther out and saw a pair of dolphins coming up as well. It was a beautiful moment. 

I couldn't help but feel like God was confirming my prayers and showing me that He was with me. 

I realized that He is constantly showing up if we just give Him the credit and the time to notice. 

As I was appreciating the view, a woman went to the bench beside me and started doing push-ups/working out. 

I smiled at her and said "did you see the manatees?". She looked back at me and with a cynical tone replied, "Yes. Yes I saw the manatees. I see them all the time. I live here." She then ran from the bench angrily, complaining that it was broken and cursed under her breath. 

What in the world? What was her problem? ... I thought as I processed what just happened. 

At first, I wished I would have said "Well guess what? I live here too, but I actually appreciate beauty in life, unlike you!" 

Then, my attitude changed because I felt bad for her. There must be something going on in her life to make her act that way and be so negative. She must be so caught up in her problems, that she can't even stop to see how beautiful life can be. 

I began to see that woman through the lens of God's love. I recognized that this is probably how we all are toward God quite often. 

He is constantly showing us love and beauty. He is trying to teach us and bless us throughout each day. Many times, we are like this woman. We just run right by and don't even notice. We are too busy and so used to God's blessings, that we take them for granted. 

Even Christians who live by grace everyday can fail to recognize it as something special. We just say "we live here, we are used to this". The enemy knows that if he can get us to focus on our problems, then we will forget to see God's glory. It's all a matter of perspective. 

This challenged me today. Will I give God the credit for the good things in life or will I complain about everything I think is going wrong? Will I notice beauty or dwell in negativity? It truly is a choice and it makes all of the difference. 

Let's be a light to those with cold hearts and show them God's love. Just a smile and a positive perspective will make us stand out. It is our decision. 

So now the question is, will you notice the manatees everyday or just keep on running? Your choice. 


  1. Loved it Darcy! So true. I know that dock, and it's one of my favorite places on earth too! Donna K.


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