It's just not worth it

I lay here and think

I regret

The cycle continues

Too easy to sink 

To forget

The feeling of guilt

When it shrinks

It begins

But in the end

It's the same

The pain

Of what I did

Back it came


So why repeat

It won't change

The sin

Not just regret

Something else


To turn it around

Thinking new

To repent

We all sin everyday. It is just part of our human condition. We are constantly being tempted by the enemy to do wrong and go against God's commands. This consistent struggle is the reason why Jesus came to die for us. We no longer have to live under the burden of guilt and shame. Instead, we can trust in Jesus, ask for His forgiveness, and repent of our sin. 

Unfortunately, sometimes that is easier said than done. It is common for us to only regret our failures, rather than turn away from them. We may think "I know that was wrong and I wish I didn't do that" but we don't actually change our lifestyle to keep it from happening again. 

Believe me, I am not saying I'm perfect at this. That is why I wrote this poem. I still mess up all the time but I try to keep a mindset of steady improvement. If I sin, I try to change something in my life so that it won't keep cycling and I confess it to God. The sooner I admit it, the easier it is to stop it from repeating. 

I encourage you to recognize any sin that might be cycling in your life. Maybe it is a common occurrence and you want the guilt to end. It is different to regret, than to repent. Change your sinful habit today, let the burden go, and put it in the hands of Jesus. Don't just keep feeling bad over and over again. Don't keep fighting against the Spirit of God. Repent, be free and chase after grace. 

Always love,



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