To begin with, I am 5'0. I've been mistaken to be younger than my age for as long as I can remember, most kids pass my height by age 11, usually people have to look down to talk to me, and I am everyone's perfect armrest. Can anyone relate? 

For my entire life I've struggled with finding clothes that fit my petite size. Jeans, sleeves, dresses, skirts and basically everything else are almost always too long. Certain clothes that look normal on the average person make me look frumpy. I may pick a dress that I love, just to try it on and see that it comes down to that awkward length below my knees. Long sleeved shirts make my hands disappear and some normal shirts look like a dress on me. Does anyone out there understand? 

Luckily, over time I have discovered little tips and tricks for knowing what clothes will look normal on me. For example, I don't even try to attempt jeans that aren't labeled "short" length. The best short sizes for my height are at American Eagle. Pretty much all of my pants are from there. I can always count on a perfect length and also their jeggings are so comfy. In fact, I don't think I'll ever go back to wearing regular jeans because I compare them with the comfort of AE jeggings. Also I've found that skinny jeans/jeggings make you appear taller/thinner. Over all, I definitely recommend them to help out with the short struggle. 

Secondly, as I mentioned earlier, another problem I face is trying to find the right dress/skirt length. Unfortunately it it rare to find these items with specified "short" labels, so I have to improvise! Recently, I haven't even been trying many dresses because I can usually tell that they will be too long anyway. Instead, my current favorites are high waisted skirts. These types of skirts are very useful for short gals like me because they can fit a wide range of heights. Unlike dresses, skirts can be adjusted and you can wear them higher up if needed so that they aren't too long. Also, you usually don't have to worry about them being too short either. My personal rule is if it is lower than my finger tips by my side, then it is modest and classy. (Just my opinion) 

Clearly I love high waisted skirts but the problem is that it's difficult to pair them with normal tops because many times they are too tight at the top to tuck in excess material without it looking bunched up. To fix this, crop tops are perfect! I'm obsessed with the cropped trend right now. I have so many different tops to pair with skirts or anything high waisted. Also if you wear a shorter top with a higher bottom, it makes your legs look longer! That is always a plus for us shorties.

My favorite tops of all right now are mid turtleneck crop tops. These are so trendy and classy. I have a variety of tank tops and long sleeved turtlenecks and I still want more colors! Usually they aren't too expensive either. You can find them very cheap at Forever 21. . Not to mention, the turtlenecks actually make a short neck appear longer too, double bonus advantage!

Some crop tops are meant to show mid drift but for us petite ladies, certain kinds may actually look like normal a length on us. It's almost like a short sized top! But just in case, I say a high waisted bottom always ensures modesty with crop tops.

There are certain stores that have a petite section. My favorite petite selection is at Loft. All of my business attire (from when I worked in an office) and fancy dresses are from there. Also, their maxi dresses fit perfectly. It is the only place I have ever found maxis and professional clothes that have the right length, even in the sleeves. They can be a bit pricey but they also have huge sales often, if you catch them at the right time.

Lastly, I'm a Florida girl so I love wearing flip flops and sandals. These are comfy but they don't do much to help short problems. The best shoes are heeled booties in my opinion because they are comfortable and they can be casual or fancy. Plus, the other day I was wearing mine and someone told me that I looked much taller then they remember (I was also wearing a crop top/high waisted skirt). See, it all works!

Also, heeled sandals are great. My current favorites are square wooden heels. I love the natural look. But for the times you don't feel like wearing heels, I recommend pointed flats because they actually give you a taller appearance. 

Remember, being short still has it's advantages. You are cute, fun sized, and perfect the way that you are! God made you tiny for a reason and it is beautiful. Embrace your height, and your cute factor. Yes, your fashion can change your height appearance slightly and your shoes can add a couple inches, but don't dress to get the approval of others. These petite tips are for you to use for yourself and your style. It's ok to look your best and look classy while doing it. It's ok to wear something that makes you feel pretty and trendy. Just make you are doing it out of healthy confidence, rather than insecurity. You may not be the typical average "model height", but I promise you that you are perfect just the way you are. You are God's child, made in His image and you can be confident in how He created you. 

I hope this guide helps you find clothes that fit well, feel comfortable and make you feel beautiful! 

Here's my current favorites breakdown :

American Eagle
Jeggings (short length)

Forever 21
High waisted skirts (I love suede)
Crop tops
Crop top mid turtlenecks (tanks and sleeves) 

Petite maxis 
Petite casual/formal dresses
Petite professional 

Heeled booties
Square wooden heels
Pointed flats

All from Forever 21
Crop Top: High Waisted Skirt: 
Wooden Heels: 
Layered Necklaces and Stacked Bracelets:

Comment below with any petite tips, clothing items or favorite stores! I would love to read some more options :) 

Always love,



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