It begins at five years old, when people start asking what you want to be when you grow up.

It continues through elementary school in various forms of career education, field assessments, and tests.

By the time you're twelve, you should already have an idea of who you want to be and what college you want to attend.

In high school, you focus on your grades, join extra curricular activities, and put yourself under pressure to be the perfect college candidate. 

You choose what you think will give you the most success and you are expected to know where you belong in the world as a teenager.

This is what our culture tells us we have to do.

I followed this cultural norm for most of my life.

I made straight As and if I got anything below that, I would beat myself up about it.

I constantly had anxiety about my future because I felt like I needed to make a set decision on a career path that I could never change because of my college degree.

I thought a degree defined who I was going to become.

I thought a 9-5 job defined whether I would live under a bridge or not. 

So I stressed myself out with every possible activity, searching for the one that I was most talented at. 

I needed an area that would provide for my entire life. I didn't know what it was.

I began taking college classes in high school so that I could graduate a year early...overachieving once again. 

I thought it would make me look impressive.

But it didn't change the fact that I still didn't know my place in the world.

So I left the country to go see if I could find it.

I was seventeen, when I went to Ireland on a mission trip for a year.

I thought getting away would give me some direction and I hoped God would show me where He wanted me.

I was right.

That decision changed my entire perspective and I discovered that there is more to life than a college degree.

The American culture is so pressuring and we wonder why so many of us have anxiety/depression.

Life is more than your job. 

It is about seeing beauty in the world, loving people, helping others, and doing what God has called you to do.

Yes, you can do all of those things in a career.

But the point is, if you don't enjoy what you are doing and you do not feel fulfilled, then most likely you are not living up to your full potential.

If you hate going to college, then it might not be for you.

Some callings require degrees, some don't. 

Whether you have a degree or not, God can use you. Your success is dependent on the effort you put in every day to live the best life you can. 

Unfortunately, when I came back to America, I felt the pressure again. 

Some of the lessons I learned started to fade because it was time for college and reality hit. Culture shock.

Still, I chose a private Christian college, rather than a prestigious one because I never understood why that really mattered. 

Anyway, I actually enjoyed every minute of school because I chose a setting that I knew would teach me about business from a Christian perspective.

I learned so much and I will never take that for granted.

If you enjoy school, then you should go. If not, you probably won't actually learn or remember any of it.

To be honest, your degree won't make much of a difference either if you aren't even passionate or interested in your career field.

In fact, you'll hate waking up everyday doing something that only gives you a paycheck. 

Moving on...

I received a four year degree, in two years.

I graduated Summa Cum Laude.

I was an overachiever again and rushed my classes.

I stressed myself out, had anxiety and still felt pressure to make perfect grades for job applications.

"Just to be safe" 

I listened to the voices around me who affirmed that it was ok to be stressed out. That is just the real world. Adult life. 

I was depressed. 

On top of that, I worked almost full time hours.

I was a teenager.

I am now twenty years old. 

I could have gone on to get my Master's and even my Doctorate because I was such a good student.

I could have followed the culture and pursued a full time career right when I graduated.

I could have applied to a corporate 9-5 salaried job with benefits and a 401k plan.

I could have made a great resume because I've been a server, a customer service rep, an HRIS government intern, a receptionist, an apprentice optician, an optometric technician and an optical sales associate.

Needless to say, I did try the whole job thing. That is why I feel qualified to write this right now.

I might be young, but I have lived on my own and I know what it takes to make a living.

Please don't think I am saying that no one should get a job, obviously God calls us to different areas. I just was not fulfilled in any of my workplaces. It wasn't for me.

I realized that life should be fulfilling and rewarding everyday.

Ultimately, I don't regret a second of the past few years because I can look back and learn from all of my experiences.

I will never go back to dreading my life and going through the motions.

Sometimes I still wonder if I'll end up under a bridge because the pressure comes back. 

But then I remember that I'm in charge of my future. So I hustle everyday to reach my goals. 

Now, here I am to tell you that whatever path you go down, just make sure you love it.

Life is too short to not enjoy it.

If you love school, go for it!

If you love your job, go for it!

Just know, you are not defined by your degree or position

You can become whoever you want on your own, using your own talents and passion.

Dream big.

I have a business degree that I've never had to show anyone. 

I started my own online business and I have a job I enjoy that doesn't require it. 

I plan on seeing the world and being free to do what I love.

I believe in myself.

I believe in you. 

If you didn't go to college or if you don't have a job, I won't judge! 

I see you, not your credentials.

It's time we all see each other that way because that's how God sees us too. 

They always say, "Be who you are" but what does that even mean if you are trapped in a mindset where your position defines you.

Instead, "Be who you are...called to be". You can never go wrong with living out your God given passion and loving the life you live. Let Him define you, not society. 

And if you still aren't sure where you are called to be yet, don't worry. We are all on a journey and God will show us at different times.

"You ain't gotta make your mind up right now. Don't rush, no pressure .." - Justin Bieber (Sorry, you know I had to throw that in there) 😂

Always love,


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  1. Great post Darcy! I totally agree, Im sitting in class.....wonder what I am doing here. Sigh. I just want to see the world and help people. Sitting still for 4 hours is tough.

    1. You will get there! On the bright side, at least you go to PBA. I feel like going there really prepared me for a lot, even though my degree isn't being used right now. I still learned so much. God is just getting you ready for your dreams! :)


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