I've been going through a hat phase recently and I actually find it very empowering. Wearing a hat usually draws attention and I get a lot of stares in public places. Personally, I don't like standing out because it makes me uncomfortable but I'm trying to worry less about the thoughts of others, so I found that a hat is very helpful. 

When people look at me, I just look back and smile, even though my mind is telling me I look silly with a hat on. In reality, people are probably looking because they actually like my hat and think it's cute. In fact, there have been multiple kind strangers who have complimented it over the past few days. I recieved comments at church, Publix, Target, the mall, the florist, and Starbucks! All in a matter of days.

Fact: When you wear something trendy and different, you tend to get more compliments.

Amazing, right?

I also think a hat pulls an outfit together and now I feel like my look is missing something if I don't wear one. It's addicting. 

Jean shirt: F21 | Jeggings: American Eagle | Glasses: F21 | Hat: Target | Necklace: Modest Gold

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago, when I went to visit a church I used to attend and I wore my hat. I felt weird at first because no one else was wearing one, but I told myself to just embrace it. Then, I went in the sanctuary and saw that all of the worship leaders were wearing hats! It made me happy because I'm a worship leader too. Also, I realized we can all be leaders, even when it comes to fashion. Setting trends can make you stand out but the truth is you look awesome, so smile and embrace it!

Always Love,



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