Trust You

Out looking over the waves

Wondering how it could be so deep

And the shore seems so far away 

Hoping to make it there and not sink

But you believe in me

It's the least I can do to trust you 

I can't walk on the waves

I need to have faith

When you're calling my name

I need to have faith 

Alone in the sea

Feeling so small in the storm

When my eyes catch your gaze

Nothing else matters anymore

I believe that I can

I believe that I will

I believe that you make the waves be still

I believe that you give 

I believe that you love

I believe when you say that I am enough

And you still believe in me

It's the least I can do to trust you

I took this photo this morning while I was walking and spending time with God at the river. He reminded me of this poem I wrote a few months ago based on Matthew 14:22-33, where Peter tries to walk on the water toward Jesus. All of the words rushed back to my memory. It was exactly what I needed to hear and I hope it helps you too. 

Friends, you may not understand what God is doing right now but I assure you that He will finish what He started. Just keep your gaze on Him and have faith that He won't let you sink. He will give you strength, just trust.

Always Love,



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